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Club Commitment

The Club has a responsibility to ensure that coaches, whether for Competitive Teams or Recreational Teams, are well-prepared for the tasks at hand.

OSA requires that Competitive and recreational Team coaches hold the Community Coach certificates, Active Start, Fundamental or the new “Learning to Train” or “Soccer for Life” certificates depending on the age group, along with:

Upon approval by the Club, costs associated with attending these courses will be reimbursed. Should there be a sufficient number of local attendees, the Club will investigate holding the course locally.

The Club is also amenable to providing financial assistance to those wishing to further their coaching careers however each situation needs to be discussed with and approved by the Club.

Recreational Team coaches are, most often, parents of a child on the team and who may follow their child along through their soccer “career” with the Club. The Club provides Recreational Team coaches with training sessions relevant to the Long Term Player Development (LTDP) and based on the Canadian Soccer Association’s coach certificate program.

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